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Lookup Helper v9.36 Release


Usability Improvements

  • Added the ability to run all active Lookup Helper Settings via a button on the All Settings page.
  • Added the ability to edit Lookup Helper App Settings from the All Settings...

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.35


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to enable Create Category Records on a setting after removing a parent filter during the same edit.
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where some UI text on the...

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.34


Usability Improvements

  • Added the ability to sort by column on the Lookup Helper Settings page.
  • Added the Lookup Helper Setting’s name to the browser tab while editing a Lookup Helper Setting.
  • Added...

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.27


Usability Improvements

  • Added a loading spinner when saving a scheduled Lookup Helper Setting to prevent users from saving the schedule multiple times.

Bug Fixes

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.26


Usability Improvements

  • Added org names and IDs to emails sent via health check.
  • Added parent filter documentation to the in-app admin guide.

Bug Fixes

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.23


Usability Improvements

  • We added more warnings and preventions for potentially misconfigured settings with both parent filter and “Create Category Records” enabled

Bug Fixes

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