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Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.23


Usability Improvements

  • We added more warnings and preventions for potentially misconfigured settings with both parent filter and “Create Category Records” enabled

Bug Fixes

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.20


New Functionality

  •  Parent Filtering has been added to Lookup Helper
    • This allows adding additional criteria a parent has to match in order for Lookup Helper to use that parent record for that...

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.12


Usability Improvements

  • The Advanced section when creating or editing a Lookup Setting is now expanded by default.
  • A button was added to clear the schedule on the Schedule Lookup page. 
  • Lookup Helper...

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.10


Usability Improvements

  • Lookup Helper has added a checkbox to the Realtime Enablement page that, when checked, will cause any Lookup Settings on that object to run asynchronously.
  • Lookup Helper will...

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.9


Usability Improvements

  • There is now a setting allowing the user to set the percentage of limits to use before running asynchronously. It defaults to 90% if not set, and is not recommended to set...

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.1


IMPORTANT: Anyone upgrading from a version of Lookup Helper prior to 9.x needs to perform a 2-step upgrade by installing version 8.24.5 first, before installing the 9.x version. To get the...

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