Release Notes

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.23


Usability Improvements

  • We added more warnings and preventions for potentially misconfigured settings with both parent filter and “Create Category Records” enabled

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error preventing realtime updates when a Lookup Helper setting is configured to match “name” to “nameorid” fields
  • Fixed an error where the error auditing object is not adjusted properly when the user encounters an error
  • Fixed incorrect displayed triggers names for the built-in triggers on the Realtime Enablement page
  • Fixed an installation issue in organizations with Platform Encryption enabled
  • Fixed when a Lookup Helper setting only runs for the first parent record when multiple parent records are updated in realtime 
  • Fixed an issue on Lookup Helper’s error auditing object, where the “Last Date Occurred” does not get populated correctly on merge
  • Fixed invalid field error when a Lookup Helper setting’s child object is using a non-foreign key polymorphic field
  • Fixed error when adding more than 10 criteria on a parent filter
Lookup Helper Release Notes