Release Notes

Lookup Helper Release Notes v9.9


Usability Improvements

  • There is now a setting allowing the user to set the percentage of limits to use before running asynchronously. It defaults to 90% if not set, and is not recommended to set below 60%.
  • Added a message in the free version to alert the user to the number of lookups activated this month.
  • Added the capability to set a scheduled time where any settings that hit an error in the day will rerun.
  • We removed the distinction between “Field matches Field” and “Field Matches Name/Id” settings. Simplifying the setting creation process and solving issues where one setting type could do something the other could not. Category settings (Also known as “Field Matches Name/ID” settings) will be updated to match a special “nameorid” value to keep functionality intact after upgrading. 
  • We added functionality to delete old Lookup Helper Errors. Errors can be deleted by date, setting, or all Lookup Helper Errors logged. Errors will be deleted asynchronously if there are more than 10,000 errors being deleted.

Bug Fixes

  • Streamlined querying code to reduce the number of queries, and reduce possible issues in the future.
  • Fixed a Mixed DML error that would be encountered when attempting to update a setup object and non-setup object in the same transaction.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes occur when attempting to set the Record Type when creating parent/category records.
  • Fixed an error that would sometimes be encountered when referencing the Who field on a task or event.
  • Fixed a Null Argument error that sometimes occurred if multiple Foreign Key settings were created on the same object. 
  • Fixed an Argument 1 Cannot Be Null error that would sometimes occur when Lookup Helper processed asynchronously. 
  • We fixed a 50001 query rows error that would rarely occur when a Lookup Helper Setting ran. 
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally duplicate category records would be created when Lookup Helper settings ran asynchronously at the same time.
  • When errors are logged, the related record Id’s field no longer lists “null” multiple times if the error occurs on insert.
  • We removed a Master-Detail relationship that would cause record locks when multiple Lookup Helper Errors were being merged at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would be thrown due to the value of the “related record ids” field being too long.
  • We fixed a message that would incorrectly identify custom object realtime triggers as included with the package.
  • We fixed an issue where a Null Reference error could be encountered when updating from an older version of Lookup Helper.
Lookup Helper Release Notes