Lookup Helper V8.8 Release Notes

Usability Improvements

  • There is now a checkbox allowing users to only run necessary tests when deploying a real-time trigger.
  • The Lookup Helper Admin Guide can now be found in the app under the “Help and FAQ” section.
  • Functionality added that will disable a Lookup Setting if something is wrong with the setting (for example, if a field has been deleted). This functionality can be disabled by checking the “Prevent Automatic Setting Deactivation?” checkbox found under “Lookup Helper App Settings” custom setting.
  • Minor spelling errors corrected.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple bugs relating to adding pre-populated fields to settings that create category/parent records.
  • Fixed an issue where a lookup setting matching a formula field would not run on insert.
  • Fixed a bug where the user would sometimes see a blank page when clicking Edit in Lightning.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when using the “Change Status” Chatter quick action on the Case object under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed a record lock bug that would sometimes occur due to the new disable Lookup Setting functionality.