Lookup Helper V8.8 Release Notes

Usability Improvements

  • When creating a relationship while creating a Lookup Helper Setting, the suggested relationship name will now be based on the Label of the object instead of the API Name (e.g. “CustomObjects” instead of “CustomObject__cs”)
  • Updates were made to the in-app Admin Guide. 
  • Improved the Lookup Helper Asynchronous Queue to avoid receiving “50001 query row limit” errors.

Bug Fixes

  • Running a setting based on a formula field will no longer force asynchronous processing by default on update.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would be thrown when running a Lookup Helper setting on recurring events.
  • The email sent when a setting is automatically disabled now lists the setting name instead of saying “null.”
  • When creating a “Field matches field” setting and checking “Create new category records,” it will properly let you edit required fields that are automatically populated in the list.
  • Fixed a minor spelling error.