Lookup Helper V8.8 Release Notes

Usability Improvements

  • All Lookup Helper real-time triggers now have the option to be disabled. This includes triggers that come with the package.
  • When typing a new lookup name, possible stutter (loss of letters when continuing to type after pausing momentarily) now eliminated.
  • Lookup Helper will now not save and alert the user if a required field is not present when creating a setting that creates parent/category records.

Bug Fixes

  • Internal changes were made to reduce CPU time usage.
  • Creating a new setting, then clicking “Save and run” and then clicking “Cancel now” disables the setting.
  • Fixed an error that would be thrown when looking up to the owner of a record.
  • High Priority Error emails now include a summary of the errors encountered and links to the error records in Salesforce.
  • Fixed a display issue that would sometimes cause the error record alert not to be displayed.
  • A missing object was added to the All Lookup Helper Settings permission set.