Lookup Helper V8.8 Release Notes

Usability Improvements

  • The Lookup Helper Exception Monitor error email now also contains the Salesforce Org ID of the org the error occurred in.
  • Added the ability to export and import Lookup Helper Settings from Salesforce. The FAQ section in-app has been updated to reflect this. 
  • Added a section to the in-app FAQs to explain that settings using a formula field as a source field run asynchronously on insert.
  • The list of fields with duplicate labels under “Fields to Populate” now includes api names for those fields.
  • Reduced the Apex CPU time when creating a new Lookup Helper setting

Bug Fixes

  • The lists of parent and child fields are now paginated, allowing orgs with large amounts of fields to work without encountering a collection size error.
  • The Lookup Helper Exception monitor now combines high priority emails to reduce the number of error emails when errors are encountered.
  • Lookup Helper will now not throw an error if a required field is left blank.
  • Fixed a bug where errors would not be displayed after clicking “Set as running user.”
  • Fixed an issue where an asynchronous job would sometimes get recreated when refreshing the All Settings page.