Lookup Helper v9.36 Release


Usability Improvements

  • Added the ability to run all active Lookup Helper Settings via a button on the All Settings page.
  • Added the ability to edit Lookup Helper App Settings from the All Settings page via a modal.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where when in Lightning, clicking on the “here” link displayed when deploying/removing a trigger would redirect to the Classic version of the Deployment Status page.
  • Fixed an issue where a null pointer exception would be encountered when the Exception Monitor ran while the only Lookup Helper Exception records that existed in an org did not have a related setting.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would sometimes be thrown when two settings existed, which used the same child and parent objects and those settings ran for the same child record.
  • Fixed an issue where settings, which used Contact as the parent object and Name as the parent field would not fire properly when the Name field on a parent record was edited.
  • Fixed an issue where a Lookup Helper Setting triggered to run in real-time via a parent record edit would throw a “Too many DML rows” error when there were a large amount of child records attempting to match to the parent record.
  • Fixed an issue where a Mixed DML error would be thrown sometimes when a Lookup Helper Setting with “User” as both the child and parent objects ran.
Lookup Helper Release Notes