Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Milestones PM+ is now accessible in the new Salesforce mobile app.
  • Move or clone project templates from documents to Salesforce files.
  • Cache the progress of project creation by selecting the Automatically Backup Progress checkbox on the project creation page. This helps progress from being lost if a session is ended or internet connection is lost.
  • Automatically assign Resources based on a Task’s required skill.
  • Automatically populate the End Date field of a Project, Milestone, or Task by setting the Kickoff or Start Date and Workday Duration fields (End Date must be blank on save).
  • Weekday Duration field will automatically populate the Kickoff and Due Date fields of a Project or Milestone.
  • Improved efficiency of Project template creation, Project import process, and Resource creation process.
  • Minor updates to admin guide.

Bug Fixes

  • Import issues from
    • Microsoft project templates.
    • Fields matching an API name of a packaged field.
  • Miscalculation of weekday duration.
  • Various date shifting issues.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.