Release Notes

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v10.3


Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Stage field on Task now syncs with actual start and end dates.
  • Time records now merge into a single record when the following attributes are the same: parent record, resource, and date.
  • Resource allocation date range now has no maximum range.
  • Resource allocation page can now be filtered by the resource team along with the skill set.

Bug Fixes

  • On Manage Project Plan, the bottom "Save" button now correctly saves and refreshes the Gantt chart.
  • Parent milestones no longer throw errors when start/end dates are edited.
  • Project templates with inactive owners can be imported and the owner will be set to the current user.
  • Removed error message from Resource Allocation page when searching for multiple Resources separated by a comma.
  • Auto Resource Assignment custom setting now works if the Task's end date is blank but the duration is set.
  • Automatic resource sharing custom setting now works in packaged.
  • Multiple template importing bux fixes.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
Milestones PM+ Release Notes