Release Notes

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v10.8


New Features

  • Disable Project Shifts Caused By MS, new custom setting, prevents Project date shifting when Milestone dates change.
  • Disable Stage Sync With Actuals, new custom setting, disables Actual Start/Finish dates from shifting when the Task’s stage/complete field is updated.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Project Health. New formula field and picklist displays colored flag based on value.
  • New field, Disable Date Shifting, prevents Project date shifting at the record level.

Bug Fixes

  • Migrating Project templates with a record type between orgs.
  • Creating Resources from a Task in Lightning.
  • Visual issue with calendar’s “More” popup.
  • Resource assignment emails now go out to all resources on large project imports.
Milestones PM+ Release Notes