New Features

  • Two Project fields, Custom Milestone Gantt Filter and Custom Task Gantt Filter, can be populated with a custom filter to show/hide specific items on the Project level Gantt chart.
  • Push Upgrade Opt Out, a new custom setting, allows organizations to elect not being push upgraded. (Premium Edition only)
  • Max Rows Per Page, a new custom setting for Time Tracking Settings, allows customization of how many rows to display on the Time Entry grid. (Premium Edition only)

Usability and Performance Improvements

  • Automatic project creation enhancements
    • Added an invocable method that triggers automatic project creation in Process Builder.
    • Professional edition users can now create Visualforce page triggers for automatic project creation.
  • Added ability to pass URL parameters with the Project Import button. Field values will now automatically populate based on the URL parameters for the new Project on the Project Import page.
  • Shift Projects on the Project Configuration page by populating the Deadline field with an expected date.
  • Updated select Milestone object field descriptions and help text.
  • Added buttons to create new Resource records on the Milestones PM+ Help page.
  • Hours Input is now a required field on the Time Entry Line object. (Premium Edition only)
  • Manage Project Plan enhancements (Premium Edition only)
    • Anchored column headers upon scrolling and hover text for the name column.
    • Select which parent record to relate when creating a new inline item, i.e. adding a Task to a Milestone at the Project level and adding a Milestone to a Project at the Program level.

Bug Fixes

  • When moving a Task to a Milestone on a different Project, the Task will be updated to lookup the associated Project.
  • Successor task notifications will no longer be sent to completed successor tasks.
  • Fixed display issues encountered on the Gantt Chart and Time Tracking settings page when in Lightning experience.
  • Fixed issue that caused the ‘Disable Deletion On Project Plan Page’ custom setting to not work as expected.
  • Date shifting issues
    • When importing a Project and Exclude Weekend Work is selected on a Task or Milestone but not at the Project level.
    • When workflow field updates are created on the Project, Milestone, or Task objects.
  • Incorrect updates to Projects when creating select types of process builder processes.
  • Incorrect calculation of total hours on Time Entry page. (Premium Edition only)
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.