New Features

  • Resource allocation reports have been added.
  • Hide Submit and Approve/Deny, new Time Tracking custom setting that, when checked, removes the “Submit” button and approve/deny columns from the Time Entry page. (Premium Edition only)

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Added information about asynchronous project creation (if enabled) on the Project Import page.
  • The “Complete Task” and “Complete Milestone” buttons now give users the option to cancel before marking complete.
  • Added update links to Milestones PM+ Help page.
  • Select a primary lookup field to populate ProjectLookupField1 during automatic project creation; previously, this field would be populated by the record ID triggering the Project creation.
  • Customize the Manage Project Plan column header values by using custom labels. (Premium Edition only)
  • "Show Resource on Gantt Chart" custom setting, if enabled, will now display assignments at all levels. (Premium Edition only)
  • Enter time for Tasks and Events on the Time Entry grid. (Premium Edition only)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue on the Summary page if the “Summary Programs” custom setting was enabled.
  • Fixed incorrect due dates to be populated when a workflow updates the Actual Start Date field in certain situations.
  • Fixed occasional display issues on Manage Project Plan after modifying the Project/Milestone/Task manage project plan fieldsets. (Premium Edition only)
  • Gantt chart will now refresh after adding items in Manage Project Plan. (Premium Edition only)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent drag-and-drop functionality on Gantt chart. (Premium Edition only)
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.