New Features

  • Added a new Resource Allocation page. You can now search for available resources in a given date range or see the resource allocation for your resources.
  • Added the ability to import projects from Microsoft Project templates
  • Added the ability to add skills to resources

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • When time is entered on the Milestone1_Time__c object, it will now be synced to display on the time entry grid
  • Improved the user interface when importing project asynchronously
  • Resource notifications will now also be sent to resources related to tasks through the Milestone1_Task_Resource__c junction object, in addition to the resource directly assigned on the task record
  • Added a custom setting ‘Disable Ownership Cascading’ to prevent owner assignment cascading when a milestone or projects owner changes
  • Added the ability to cancel time entry submissions after clicking the submit button

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug encountered on the time entry page when displaying cases with very long subjects
  • Fixed a bug encountered on the import project page when users navigate to the page using a custom create project button