New Features

  • Automatic Task Resource Sharing, a new custom setting, provides Resources assigned to Tasks view/edit permissions to the Task and its Milestone.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Users may now select a folder and populate a project template name when exporting project templates.
    • When populating the project template name, be sure to include ".xml" at the end of the template name. (EX: "TestTemplateName.xml")
  • Added quick actions for Complete Milestone and Complete Task.
  • Single day items on the Gantt chart will now always display regardless of which view (day, week, month, quarter) is selected.
  • Added the Milestones PM+ admin guide in app on the Milestones PM+ Help tab.
  • Increased the width of input fields on Manage Project Plan. (Premium Edition only)
  • Comments on the Time Entry grid will now only be applied to the week it’s made; previously, comments on a record would apply to all weeks. (Premium Edition only)

Bug Fixes

  • Time Entry fixes (Premium Edition only)
    • Fixed bug that caused the time grid to not load correctly when switching objects.
    • Fixed the Time Entry project link which previously forwarded to a Task instead of a Project.
    • A CPU timeout issue occurring on the Time Entry page has been resolved.
    • Fixed bug that sometimes caused saved hours to be cleared out.
  • Fixed bug that occurred when clicking Toggle Existing Items on Manage Project Plan. (Premium Edition only)
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.