Release Notes

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v10.12


New Features

  • Show Actuals On Gantt Chart, new custom setting, displays columns for Actual Start/End date fields on the Gantt chart.
  • “Percent Complete” Milestone formula field calculates average of child Tasks completion percentage.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Sort by Project name when entering time on Tasks or Milestones on the Time Entry grid.
  • User Level Settings on the Time Entry grid allows users to select custom settings at a per-user level without leaving the page.
  • Project Configuration page will indicate errors instead of silently failing.
  • Updated color scheme in Lightning.

Bug Fixes

  • On “Project Creation” page, the spinning loading wheel appearing after every change.
  • On “Project Configuration” page, saving will be prevented if no deadline is entered.
  • On Time Entry grid:
    • Far right column now aligns with the page.
    • Time Entry Lines will have a “Saved” status after saving instead of a blank.
  • Date shifting issue when Exclude weekend work was checked on some records but not all in a Project.
  • On Import Template page, files with multiple versions now correctly appear in the dropdowns.
  • All checkbox fields now update correctly in Manage Project Plan.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
Milestones PM+ Release Notes