Release Notes

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v10.13


New Features

  • Default Folder For Imports, new custom setting, lets users set a document folder or file library for the Import Template page.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Time Entry
    • Grid now scrolls when there’s more than 10 rows. Header rows are frozen.
    • Added “List View” total hours to Grid. Users can see their logged hours for a single list view of the entire week.
    • Time records can now be reparented.
  • New Calendar filters for Milestone and Task list views, in addition to Project list views.
  • New error messages when trying to move a Task to a new Milestone if the Task has a predecessor.
  • Removed links from Community Gantt chart to prevent invalid link issues.

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar bars covering up the “more items” link has been fixed.
  • Improved the efficiency of the time entry grid to reduce apex heap size errors.
  • Removed custom quick actions from the task object. Default quick actions are now visible.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
Milestones PM+ Release Notes