Milestones PM+ Release Notes v11.6


New Features

  • “Milestones PM+ Settings,” new tab allowing admins to update custom settings in a categorized page.
  • “Allow Blank Resource on Milestone Task,” new custom setting, allows Resource field on Task to be blank after being populated.
  • New Gantt chart option for Program, Project, Milestone pages has drag-and-drop functionality improvements and customizable hover text with field set “Gantt Bar Hover Field Display.”
  • New To-Do List component for Tasks. Add from Lightning Page Builder custom component section.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Time Entry grid
    • Secondary sorting: When sorting by Project, the secondary Milestone or Task column will also be sorted alphabetically.
    • Hour totals: Users can see total hours for current list view, “List View Total,” and current week, “Week Total.”
    • New Submit button: Users can submit time for their current list view, “Submit View,” or for the entire week regardless of view, “Submit Week.”
  • Resources and Templates
    • Resource Allocation search is no longer case sensitive.
    • Resource Allocation page uses the new Gantt Chart, allowing Task assignments of Resources to be edited.
    • Duplicate prevention when a user/contact is related to an existing Resource.
    • Task Resources are now included when importing/exporting Project templates.
    • Resources will now be populated on Tasks when importing a template from another org with the same resource names, specifically useful for sandbox templates.
  • Gantt chart
    • Ability to update Percent Complete if it’s at 0%.
    • Collapse/expand +/- icon on Program’s Manage Project Plan now includes Tasks.
  • Calendar
    • New display mode option allows user to show only Due Dates of selected objects instead of full duration.
    • Custom colors added to settings modal.
  • Time Entry Approval now shows Project column when approving Task and Milestone time.
  • First date on Calendar and Gantt chart is now based on User's locale. (e.g. United States starts on Sunday).
  • Due Date for Tasks will automatically populate when Estimated Hours and Start Date are filled out.
  • Filter by Project list view on Summary page.

Bug Fixes

  • Time Entry grid
    • “Save” and “Prev Week” buttons fixed for all users assigned to the MPM+ Permission set.
    • User Settings now work for all settings, not just objects displayed.
    • Added error message when trying to enter more than 24 hours in a single day or entering a non number.
  • Time Entry Approval on smaller screens has fixed interface to display approve/deny columns.
  • Calendar bars overlapping when displayed on a large resolution monitor.
  • Fixed scrolling issue on Project Creation page.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
Milestones PM+ Release Notes