Release Notes

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v12.4


New Features

  • Expense Grid, a Lightning Web Component, can be added to Project/Milestone/Task page layouts.
  • New Custom Settings
    • “Disable Status Cascading” won’t change the status of related records when a Project/Milestone/Task status is updated.
    • “Disable_Contact_Notifications” will not send email notifications to Contacts assigned to Tasks.
    • “Send Expense Budget Notifications” will notify the Project Owner when the Total Expense Budget exceeds the Total Expense Estimate.
    • “Shift Proj/MS Deadline When Kickoff Set” will shift deadlines when kickoffs shift for Projects and Milestones (similar to existing Task custom setting).
    • For Manage Project Plan:
      • “Manage Project Plan Realtime Date Shifts” to enable updates after saving.
      • “Show Record Type On Manage Project Plan”
  • Cost-to-Completion tracking fields
    • Project: “Total Completed Expenses”
    • Project: “Total Uncompleted Expenses”
    • Milestone: “Expenses From Completed Tasks”
  • Weighted percentages fields (used in conjunction with Task’s “Percent Complete” field)
    • Project: “Weighted Percent Complete”
    • Milestone: “Weighted Percent Complete”
    • Task: “Percent of Entire Project” is set manually to determine the Weighted Percent Complete of parent records.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Resource Allocation
    • Task Gantt links to Milestones and Tasks.
    • Resource Gantt can search by team (set on the Resource record).
  • Time Entry
    • “Only Allow Manager To Approve Time,” new custom setting, will restrict view/approve submitted time records to a Resource’s manager.
    • Org-wide time settings added to the Entry grid (only accessible by admins or users with permissions to change custom settings).
    • Time can now be submitted on time entry grid when the user doesn’t have the permissions to see their manager on the user record.
  • To-Do List
    • New homepage component can create to-dos and displays all to-dos for Tasks assigned to the user.
    • To-dos can be assigned to Resources that aren’t the Task Resource.
    • Completed date can be manually set to the past.
    • Adding the component to Project and Milestone page layouts will rollup all child Task to-dos.
  • Lightning Gantt
    • Hide button and color change for completed items.
    • Hide child items when hovering parent.
    • Display and scrolling improvements.
  • Holidays will display on the Calendar and Lightning Gantt.
  • Mobile enhancements
    • Lightning Gantt and To-Do List display enabled.
    • Added functionality for Project Creation, Resource Allocation, Import Template.
    • Gantt chart (legacy) no longer redirects out of the app.
  • Added “Cancelled” status to Projects/Milestones/Tasks. Cancelled Projects will cancel all child Milestones and Tasks not marked complete.
  • Added optional lookup filter for Task/Milestone relationship.
  • Completing a Task with multiple successor Tasks will send each Resource one notification containing all Tasks they’re assigned to (versus separate emails for each Task).

Bug Fixes

  • Time Entry
    • “Approve All/Deny All” on Time Approval page now works as intended.
    • “Default Filter” custom setting bug fixed.
    • “Display Days” in User-level setting modal issue fixed.
    • List View fixes: dropdown selection not changing; hour calculations when entering time on multiple objects.
  • Lightning Gantt
    • Printable chart padding reduced.
    • Hover text after clicking “Hide Children” will go away.
    • Manage Project Plan: Null pointer error when trying to create Inline Task. Cross-object lookup fields added to the field set.
  • Task notifications
    • Parent fields in notification fieldsets now work correctly.
    • Occasional “URL does not exist” error on email inline Visualforce page fixed.
  • “Resource Finder” tab on Resource Allocation page was hidden for some users.
  • “Next Top Milestone” field will update when Milestone name changes.
  • Project Creation page issues causing duplicate successor tasks and buttons not working.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
Milestones PM+ Release Notes