Milestones PM+ Release Notes v12.7


New Features

  • Time Entry LWC allows users to enter times on Tasks without navigating to the Time Grid. Add the Lightning Web Component to Project, Milestone, Task Lightning page layouts.
  • Time Grid search bar allows users to search the records of the selected list view.
  • Automated Project Trigger creation page for admins to define criteria and automatically deploy their trigger. Access on the Milestones PM+ Home tab.
  • New custom settings
    • Allow Duplicate Resource Records.
    • Validate Daily Totals will require Resources to log a minimum number of hours (8 by default; can be adjusted on each Resource’s Workday Duration) per workday before submitting time for the week.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Calendar settings will now be stored locally per user so any changes to calendar are persistent.
  • User interface improvements
    • Resource Allocation and Time Grid tabs
    • “Move Task” VF page
    • Lightning Gantt date alignment
  • Send user feedback directly from the Milestones PM+ Help tab.
  • Added Resource lookup on Expense object.
  • Added Resource display option to Expense Grid LWC.

Bug Fixes

  • Inability to install Milestones PM+ in Essential orgs has been resolved.
  • Time Grid fixes
    • Time entered on Tasks starting and ending on a weekend.
    • “Default List View” custom setting.
    • Incorrect daily totals when searching records.
  • When “Keep workday duration when shifting” custom setting is enabled, users can now update the Task Due Date.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
Milestones PM+ Release Notes