Milestones PM+ Release Notes v13.3


New Features

  • Custom Settings
    • “Auto Resource Team Assignment.” When a Task has an assigned team, all Resources of that team will be assigned to the Task.
    • “Maximum Number Of Tasks Per Project” sets a limit to the number of tasks a Project can have (default is 500).
    • Time Tracking Settings
      • “Display Complete Checkbox” adds Complete checkbox to Time Entry Grid for Tasks and Milestones.
      • “Hide Submit without Notification Button” when submitting Time from the Entry Grid.
  • Task Timer LWC allows Resources to automatically log hours on a Task they’re actively working on. Add from Lightning Page Builder custom component section.
  • “Training” LWC with FAQs is available for any main object. Add from Lightning Page Builder custom component section.
  • Key Dates LWC shows upcoming start dates and past due dates, as well as recently completed and current in-progress items. Add from Lightning Page Builder custom component section to Home page or Program, Project, Milestone layouts.
  • Project Resource, new object, allows multiple Resources to be assigned to a Project (via Resources Assigned field).

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Time Entry Approval
    • Undo approved hours.
    • View submitted/approved hours within a date range. Default is four weeks.
  • Time Entry Grid
    • New Project search bar can filter by Project Name when logging time on Tasks and Milestones.
    • When hours are changed to zero, Time records will be deleted.
    • “Submit” buttons will be disabled when there’s no new/non-submitted Time entered.
  • Lightning Gantt hover box updated to be more responsive, including right-click on a bar to hide child records.
  • To-Do List LWC’s “Task Lookup” is now a required field.
  • Status LWC has new stages and messages to be more informative.
  • Resource Allocation page has a new Help tab explaining the functionality of the page.
  • New fields to mark expenses as billable:
    • Expense: Billable
    • Task: Billable Expense
    • Milestone: Billable Expense From Tasks
    • Project: Total Billable Expenses
  • Calculation change to Project’s “Percent Complete” field: Tasks with a “Stage” value of Canceled will be omitted.
  • Cancelled and Canceled statuses will rollup and cascade correctly.
  • “My Tasks” list view will include Task Resource (junction object) assignments.
  • Task Successor chains now keep the critical path when middle tasks are deleted. (Premium Edition only)

Bug Fixes

  • Lightning Gantt LWC can now be added via App Builder to page layouts.
  • Lightning Gantt bar colors affected by changing date view (Day/Week/Month/Year) has been fixed.
  • To-Do List LWC infinite loading spinner fixed.
  • “Submit View” button on the Time Entry Grid will no longer resubmit times that have already been approved.
  • Assuming the resource records exist, Task Resource junction object records are now successfully created when importing templates into a sandbox org.
  • Milestones/Tasks won’t update when a Project status is changed and “Disable Cascade Status” custom setting is checked.
  • Fixed issue where statuses would not cascade when date shifting custom settings were checked.
  • Project Creation page will show an error if a validation rule is hit while trying to insert any of the records.
  • Fixed bug where time was being saved to the wrong month when a week and a month both started on a Sunday.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
Milestones PM+ Release Notes