Release Notes

Prioritization Helper Release Notes v2.09


New Functionality

  • General
    • Added help page containing videos, admin guide, and links (this new tab will only show up for new installs; for existing installs, go to All Tabs -> Prioritization Helper Getting Started)
    • Automatically uses “number” type formula when all output labels are numeric, or when there are no range labels
      • Enables the list view sort to work properly. Previously, it would sort on a formula outputting text
  • Value Scoring
    • Preview component now displays recently viewed records by default (or any record if there are no recently viewed records)
    • Added relative date (relative to today or now) conditions for date type fields

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Matrix Scoring
    • Added message to display the maximum and minimum possible score when defining ranges for a matrix
  • Dropdowns now uses infinite loading to display a partial list of objects / fields, instead of displaying everything upfront
  • Minor UI / help text / error message adjustments

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed preview component error (on loading records) when conditions exist on any field that could contain parentheses in its field value (e.g. phone: (123)-4567)
  • Fixed conflict conditions getting counted multiple times when calculating the maximum possible score 
    • e.g. if fieldA = ‘a’ +10, fieldA = ‘b’ +10, but only one can be true, so the max score is still 10)
  • Fixed max and min range on Value Scoring displays as "NaN" when all possible scores are 0
    • E.g. a single condition with ifTrue = 0 and ifFalse = 0
  • Fixed app not loading when the Freeze Javascript Prototype option in Session Settings is enabled in Winter ’20
  • Fixed deleting Value Scoring fields requiring MDAPI access (Customize Application is the only permission needed, the same permission required for creating the formula field)
  • Fixed “invalid argument for ISBLANK()” error when creating a boolean condition and then creating the formula field or previewing
  • Fixed boolean conditions value displaying true instead of false when performing the following steps:
    • Create a boolean condition
    • Save by clicking the row level save
    • Save again by clicking the save button in the page footer
  • Fixed error message when deleting a condition on a DATETIME field
  • Fixed error message when switching to a different Value Scoring entry from a current entry that contains a condition on a DATETIME field
Prioritization Helper Release Notes