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Prioritization Helper Release Notes v4.02


New Functionality

  • Value Scoring
    • Added ability to create batch run schedules

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Value Scoring
    • Added setting modal, accessible from the main Value...

Prioritization Helper Release Notes v3.07


New Functionality

  • Value Scoring
    • Added Apex calculation method along with trigger deployment, batch job, and real time updates
    • Added “use field as value” operator for Formula Value Scoring


Prioritization Helper Release Notes v3.02


Bug Fixes

  • Value Scoring
    • Fixed the maximum possible score not calculating correctly when there are multiple conditions using the same operator
    • Removed blocking spinner animation during compiled size...

Prioritization Helper Release Notes v3.01


New Functionality

  • Value Scoring
    • Ability to enter new picklist/multi picklist values (e.g. to match inactive picklist values)
    • Added new operators:
      • Match all specified values for a multi picklist...

Prioritization Helper Release Notes v3.0


New Functionality

  • Value Scoring
    • Added compiled size estimates for each single condition & a compiled size sum in the footer
    • Added support to compare Multipicklist and Picklist fields against...

Prioritization Helper Release Notes v2.09


New Functionality

  • General
    • Added help page containing videos, admin guide, and links (this new tab will only show up for new installs; for existing installs, go to All Tabs -> Prioritization Helper...

Prioritization Helper Release Notes v2.07


New Functionality

  • Added a new prioritization method called Value Scoring, which can be selected from the vertical tab on the left. 
    • Utilizes formula fields and focuses on prioritizing a large...

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