New Functionality

  • Value Scoring
    • Added compiled size estimates for each single condition & a compiled size sum in the footer
    • Added support to compare Multipicklist and Picklist fields against multiple values (if field contains any of the selected values)

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Value Scoring
    • Improved performance when loading & creating new conditions
      • Converted from Aura to LWC which improves the picklist’s performance
      • Reduced loading times

Bug Fixes

  • Value Scoring
    • Fixed error on formula field creation if the Salesforce formula editor is switched to the advanced mode
    • Compound “Name” fields are now available for use in Value Scoring (e.g. Contact Name compounded with first and last names)
  • Pairwise Comparisons
    • Adjusted pairwise comparison’s external evaluation to comply with the new Site Guest User security model changes made by Salesforce
    • Replaced UI components deprecated by Salesforce