New Functionality:

  • Added a new advanced rollup setting, “Allow Blank Overwrite”.  Disabling this setting will prevent Rollup Helper from clearing out fields, but will allow overwrites with actual values to go through.
  • Added a new advanced rollup setting that allows Realtime processing to be toggled off on a per rollup basis.
  • Added Rollup Preview functionality.  When editing a rollup, click “Preview Rollup Results” to preview the value of the rollup target field for the target record of your choice.
  • Added the ability to clone a rollup setting.  You can clone any setting by choosing the “Clone” option in the dropdown on the All Settings page.
  • Added the ability to request notification when a manual rollup run completes.
  • Added the ability to run rollups via invocable method.  
  • Changed most UI text to use custom labels so that it can be translated using built-in Salesforce translation functionality.

Bug Fixes & Usability Improvements:

  • Improved efficiency of logic used to detect whether Shared Activities is enabled on the Task object.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes lead to the search functionality on fields or objects returning incorrect results if the input is entered too quickly.
  • Resolved an issue that lead to the exception notification on the All Settings page disappearing after page load.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented roll-up summary fields from correctly displaying as valid rollup source fields.