Rollup Helper Release Notes v16.5


New Functionality:

  • Added an ability to convert DLRS settings to Rollup settings. Also, the ability to automatically deactivate active DLRS settings upon rollup save, as well as a health check that will indicate if there are active DLRS settings in the org.
  • Added a ‘Share’ button for rollups, accessible from the action menu drop down on the all settings page. This button provides a link to the rollup, so it can be shared and saved.

Usability Improvements:

  • Added the ability to deploy TopicAssignment triggers from within Rollup Helper.
  • Improved the wording on the unused setting health check to better describe the health check issue.
  • Adjusted the UI color of the close ‘X’ button on all modals to increase visibility and usability.
  • Updated the default API version of Rollup Helper to 50.0.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where rollups with lead and user target objects would only update when run the first time.
  • Resolved an issue where a trigger deployed for an object containing ‘PS_’ would not be removable because it was considered deployed by default.
  • Resolved an issue where previewing Topic rollups would produce a visualforce page error.
  • Resolved an issue when trying to set the filter logic for a filter to ‘1 OR 2’.
  • Resolved an issue where a date to text rollup included the time value.
  • Resolved a spacing issue on the rollup table and filter table on the read only rollups page.
  • Resolved an issue where clicking Activate All rollups on the all settings page would produce a loading spinner that will infinitely spin.
  • Resolved an issue where a rollup using the CompletedDateTime field on Task as a source field would not behave correctly.


Note: Users may be experiencing issues where filters are not visible on rollups.
The Rollup Helper filter object was replaced with this v16.5, and if there was an issue with the install, then the filters may not have been automatically converted. Please follow the steps contained within this Knowledge Article to successively convert the old filter records to new ones:

Rollup Helper Release Notes