Rollup Helper v14.20 Release Notes

New Functionality:

  • Added a new page to allow users to manage all of their schedules in one place.
  • Added a new setting to allow users to choose how Rollup Helper handles a parent record failing to save on a per object basis - you can either maintain the status quo and cause the child record to fail to save if the parent record fails to save, or you can opt to instead allow the child record to save regardless of whether the parent saves and have Rollup Helper log an exception if the parent save fails.
  • Added search functionality to more lists in the Rollup Helper configuration process:  target field, source object, and source field.
  • Introduced a new Dynamic Asynchronous setting, “Usage of Shared Limits.”  Previously, the “Usage % Of Limits” setting managed the dynamic asynchronous threshold for both shared limits (CPU time, heap size) and package-specific limits (SOQL queries, query rows). This will allow you to control more specifically what percentage of each limits category Rollup Helper is allowed to use.
  • Added a Pipe “ | “ delimiter for text rollups.
  • Added a search bar to the target object selection list to allow users to more quickly find the object they are looking for in the list.

Bug Fixes & Usability Improvements:

  • Greatly improved the efficiency of the Rollup Edit page load, cutting the CPU time usage in half. This should resolve CPU timeout errors encountered by some clients since upgrading the controller and related classes to a higher API version. We do still recommend testing this change in a sandbox first.
  • Adjusted error handler logic to more reliably populate a list of fields that may have been affected by a rollup failure. 
  • Fixed an issue with a health check scenario that was incorrectly flagging errors based on a user-level custom setting instead of the organization-wide custom setting.
  • Fixed an issue with Rollup Helper’s field creation process where if a special character (not alphanumeric or an underscore) was included in the field label, it would not be correctly trimmed when automatically generating the field API name.
  • Ensured that when navigating away from and back to the All Settings page, Rollup Helper will correctly remember which page you were on.
  • Addressed logic that caused CPU time dynamic asynchronous processing to run artificially aggressively that is no longer needed now that there is a separate “Usage of Shared Limits” setting.
  • Improved efficiency of logic that Rollup Helper uses to retrieve schema describe information.
  • Replaced field describe calls in the Visualforce controller that manages rollup configuration with a query to address CPU time issues encountered by some clients when retrieving describe information for all fields on an object that has a very large number of fields.
  • Added a warning when creating text rollups to notify users when their source field is larger than their target field, possibly resulting in rolled up data being cut off.
  • Added a message to the Health Check page when the Rollup Helper run as user is inactive.
  • Added the ability to sort rollups by the active column.
  • Addressed an issue that caused the Download & Clear buttons to show on the export page even when no rollups were selected for export.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented rollups from being correctly sorted on the Rollup Helper export page.
  • Fixed an issue where sorting on the condition field on the All Rollups page would result in rollups with no filter getting removed from the list.
  • Addressed an error occurring when the user changed the test run setting just before attempting to deploy a realtime trigger.
  • Added a message to the Rollup Helper target field creation pane letting the user know that they will need to set FLS and add the field to page layouts if desired.
  • Addressed an issue that caused Close Date to not get correctly added to the query for foreign key currency rollups referencing Opportunity fields.
  • Addressed an issue where the All Rollups and Export Rollups page sorts would only sort the current page of the paginated list (the full list will now be sorted).
  • Addressed a view state error occurring on the export tab when a very large number of rollups are exported.
  • Addressed issues with sorting on the Select Target Object and Select Target Field pages.