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Passage Technology Helps OneGoal Leverage Data from Rollup Helper to Improve Student Outcomes

 OneGoal uses Rollup Helper, a Saleforce app by Passage Technology


Nationally, only eight percent of ninth graders in low-income communities are expected to graduate from college by age 25. These numbers stand in stark contrast to rates for students in America who grow up in the top income quartile: 82 percent of these ninth graders are expected to graduate from college. OneGoal is a rapidly expanding movement dedicated to systemically changing this reality in Chicago, Houston, New York City, and beyond.

OneGoal targets under-performing students in low-income high schools with an average incoming GPA of 2.7 and an incoming ACT/SAT score of 15/729 to become OneGoal Fellows. OneGoal recruits, selects, and trains high-performing teachers working in schools to become Program Directors and implement its 3-year college success model.

These high-performing Program Directors work with a cohort of 25-30 Fellows to enroll in a college that they are most likely to graduate from by: 1) Increasing college options, 2) Breaking down the college application and enrollment process, and 3) establishing academic, financial, and social foundations to succeed in college.


OneGoal uses as their primary tool for tracking student outcomes,  but they needed the ability to quickly roll up custom objects on contact and organization records to ensure that their Fellows were on track. For example, although their custom object "College Applications" tracks the colleges their Fellows apply to, they needed an easy way of seeing how many Fellows submitted X number of applications or were accepted to Y number of schools.

OneGoal reached their Rollup Summary limit with Salesforce but needed access to real-time data and analysis to give their Fellows the differentiated support they deserve. They needed a solution that would allow them to summarize and cut data in many ways AND have the flexibility to add/change their rollups as their program model improved.


OneGoal implemented lots and lots of rollups with Rollup Helper! They now have dozens of rollups that pull key metrics aligned to their goals and benchmarks.


Because their bottom line, or ROI, is student outcomes, this information allowed OneGoal to provide better and more differentiated support to their Fellows. The data helps Fellows apply and enroll in the right colleges for them and, ultimately, graduate from college.

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