Rockpool Investments utilized Passage Technology's Development Services

Rockpool Investments LLP is a financial company that helps build wealth for clients through direct investment in private companies. Their experienced team provides a thorough analysis to clients. Rockpool Investments LLP also contributes to the success of companies by giving them a source of flexible capital.

Challenge: Rockpool Investments LLP needed to provide customers more information about their investments and allow them the ability to request investment opportunities through a customer community. They also needed to provide transparency with their 2500+ Investors. The community needed to be responsive for desktop and mobile devices.

Solution: Created a new customer community that allows them access existing data in their Salesforce org and display this data to the client. Used Salesforce’s Lightning Design System (SLDS) and use the grid system to make sure the content on the community is responsive on screens of all sizes. Apply custom Rockpool branding on the customer community.


  • Clients can view their acknowledged requests and pending requests for investment opportunities.

  • Access to view all of the opportunities that they can request and provides the ability to submit a new request on opportunity of interest.

  • A feature that shows 6 different reports based on the accounts they select.

  • Access to training videos.

  • Ability to download tables of financial data and reports. Ability to download training documents.

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