Bizible Enhances ABM Journey Within Salesforce Using Rollup Helper


Marketing attribution software, Bizible, co-founder Andy Turman uses free Salesforce admin app Rollup Helper from trusted service partner Passage Technology. Case study, customer success story.
Andy Turman, Co-Founder of Bizible

Bizible offers an easy to use, software-as-a-service product to help online marketers answer the simple question “what’s working” in terms of real return-on-investment, revenue, and closed Sales. Their mission is to make every marketing dollar profitable for their customers.

Challenge: Managing ABM Journey Persona Data & NPS Survey Data

They were looking for a way to enhance their Account-Based Marketing journey within Salesforce. Specifically, they were aiming to fill out “persona sets” under each Account.

Additionally, Bizible wanted to utilize the NPS Surveys that they send to their customers. Each of the responses from their NPS surveys are recorded directly on the Contact record, so they were looking for a tool that allowed them to calculate an Account score based on these Contact-level surveys they were conducting.

It was also important for Bizible to track the number of email and call activities that a Contact receives from their Sales team within one week of being introduced to them through their website.

Bizible Co-Founder Andy Turman realized that Passage Technology held the key to many of the issues they were facing in their Salesforce environment.

Solution: Rolling Up Data & Running Daily Reports

To solve the problems he was experiencing with persona sets, Andy used Rollup Helper to create a rollup to count the number of active Contacts in a certain persona under an Account. Then, to ensure that he was able to utilize his NPS surveys effectively, he rolled up the number of promoters, number of detractors, the number of total responses and the max response date to the Account. Afterwards, Andy wrote a formula to create the NPS calculation.

“[Rollup Helper] has become one of the most important apps in our stack. It allows us to create rollups between objects, which are not of the Master-Detail type. It gives you functionality to sum, count, max, or min for number/date fields, as well as other field types,” Andy said. “It allows me to put data where I want it without contracting a consultant to write code.”

Now, the entire Sales Development and Success departments run daily reports using the Rollup Helper fields. In addition, Bizible’s company-wide reporting has become more efficient and intuitive. In addition, they are able to feed their information into secondary systems such as Hubspot.

“The output is great for ease of management reporting and efficiency of Sales Development, Accounts Receivable, Sales and Support processes,” Andy said.

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