Improving Customer Engagement & Sales for Prosper Healthcare Lending 


Healthcare marketplace lender, Prosper, uses free Salesforce admin app Rollup Helper from trusted service partner Passage Technology. Case study, customer success story.Prosper Healthcare Lending is a patient financing marketplace company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the heart of the “Silicon Slopes.” Sitting at the intersection of the healthcare, technology, and financial services markets, they are using technology to bring innovative financial services solutions to a massive healthcare problem.

Their patient financing platform allows healthcare providers nationwide to help Make Healthcare Affordable™ for patients every day by referring patients with good credit to affordable installment loans offered through Prosper Healthcare Lending. Prosper is a subsidiary of Prosper Marketplace, America’s first peer-to-peer lending marketplace, with more than two million members and over six billion dollars in funded loans.

As a patient lending platform, Prosper Healthcare Lending connects healthcare providers (e.g. large hospital systems) and their patients to lenders. Healthcare providers complete forms on Prosper's website to refer their patients and complete loan requests. When these leads come in, account data and loan request data is automatically entered into Salesforce.

Challenge: Time-consuming Salesforce Reports

To provide access to loan request status details, they implemented a Salesforce Customer Community. However, in order to allow access to real-time and relevant aggregated loan request status information, they needed to somehow rollup multiple loan requests for each provider and give healthcare providers and their account managers a summary of activity on the account page. The account page could also be viewed in the Customer Portal by users of the healthcare provider, so this needed to be taken into consideration.

Initially, Prosper was using Salesforce reports to get this information. The challenge with this approach was that the reports were too time consuming to generate. Multiple steps needed to be carried out by users to update information before the reports could reflect accurate data. They considered writing custom apex code to do batch updates of this information, but it was never in real-time. Having a real-time process was needed so that account managers and their customers didn't have to wait to analyze this information.

Solution: Rolling Up Data to Get Real-time Loan Request Status & Summaries

To provide real-time loan request status and summary information to the account management team and customers, they created rollups in Rollup Helper for each of their loan metrics. Rollup Helper was the only solution that allowed them to do this in real-time.

  1. A Loan request child record tied to a parent healthcare provider account was entered from their website.
  2. One of our rollups was the count of open loan requests. When the count of open loan requests was > 0, workflow email notifications were sent out to the lenders for them to help with the pre-approval process.
  3. Another rollup checked if any loan requests had been pre-approved. This prompted a workflow email notification to go out to the healthcare provider.
  4. They implemented several other meaningful workflow-based email notifications tied to the healthcare provider account lifecycle (e.g. First Loan Funded).

Thanks to Rollup Helper, these workflows were achievable and the data is now available in real-time.


Ultimately, Rollup Helper dramatically improved customer engagement and has positively impacted their sales process, since Prosper Healthcare Lending can now acquire and communicate more information in real-time than ever before. Account manager users and customer portal (Salesforce Community) users can easily login and see in real-time what's going on with funding and what pending loan requests exist. What used to take each account manager 30 minutes to 45 minutes to generate, now takes only seconds. Prosper can now rollup information in real-time for 500 providers. Additionally, they saved even more time when they implemented rollups for their monthly account statements.

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