Milestones PM+ Improves Project Management for British Energy Company


Leading British energy company, nPower, business analyst Wayne Brooks uses free Salesforce project management app Milestones PM+ from trusted service partner Passage Technology. Case study, customer success story.
Wayne Brooks, Business Analyst at nPower

nPower is one of Britain’s leading energy companies, and is part of the Innogy group, one of Europe’s leading electricity and gas companies. They serve around 5.1 million residential and business accounts with electricity and gas.

Challenge: Managing Projects Across Multiple Work Streams to Integrate Internal Sales Processes

When nPower began using Salesforce, their initial implementation was to transition their Desk Sales and Field Sales teams from Excel and Access Database software to a configurable CRM cloud-based system. The Data, Digital and Technology team had numerous development initiatives surrounding their integration of core business systems and onboarding business processes to the platform. Overall, nPower needed a way for the team to manage and drive these initiatives.

nPower needed one convenient tool for managing projects to drive the delivery of initiatives across multiple work streams to integrate all of their internal sales processes. They also needed to complete a project to implement their credit system in Salesforce which involves integration with Experian and Atradius.

The Data, Digital and Technology team was experiencing many pain points with managing changes from stakeholders in multiple locations outside of Salesforce with Microsoft Project and Visio. Status Reporting and Planned vs. Actuals to upper management was also critical.

All of these requirements made nPower a fantastic candidate for Milestones PM+!

Solution: Structured Approach to Salesforce Development & Project Management That Accommodates Growth

“Milestones PM+ has really helped us to apply structure and rigor to our Salesforce development processes,” said Wayne Brooks. “Due to Milestones configurability, we have been able to take a controlled, iterative approach to improving program governance that has allowed us to develop our project management processes as we grow in output — without loss of performance or quality,” said Wayne.

“The interface is clean and intuitive, which makes it perfect for business engagement at a Senior Level. Passage Technology has worked collaboratively with us to refine their product, allowing us to drive further value from Milestones PM+,”  concluded Wayne.

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