Rollup Helper & Lookup Helper Extend Salesforce & Reduce Costs for Grifols USA


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Based in Los Angeles, Grifols USA covers the U.S. market, offering a comprehensive portfolio of Grifols products and services. With more than 18,000 employees in the U.S., Grifols is one of the largest producers of lifesaving plasma medicines and other innovative biopharmaceutical solutions in the world. 

While they were going through the process of rebuilding their team about seven years ago, they assessed their Salesforce org and found Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper were being used and were pleasantly surprised.

Reducing the Need for Code, Adding Efficiency & Enabling Key Business Decisions

“We were thrilled to have a tool that reduced the need for code to accomplish tasks that we needed beyond the capabilities of the native Salesforce toolset,” explained Jay Bolick, Director, CRM Global Biopharma at Grifols.

He said that they have a need to summarize the number of related items to Accounts and Contacts, and present that information to the user on those records. “We also use this same information on several reports. Another example is our need to display the most recent activity on the detail page of an Account or Contact. Rollup Helper simplified this for us,” added Jay.

“Considering the number of Rollups and Lookups we have built, I cannot imagine the amount of code that would have been required and time we would have invested to build and maintain these. It’s a big savings!” said Jay.

He concludes, “The use of these Rollups and Lookups has made our team more efficient while meeting key business needs for data needed to enable key business decisions."

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