Rollup Helper Eliminates Need for Time-consuming Custom Apex Code at Wombat Solutions


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Wombat Solutions is a Salesforce® consulting company that specializes in working with smaller, price-sensitive companies who need work done fast.

Challenge: Client Needed an Easier Way to Trigger Approval Processes

As part of their process, they also focus on training. “Some consultants are great at building, but fall short when it comes to training the end user. We deliver training in a fun, informative, and results guaranteed way," explains George, who is the Founder of Wombat Solutions.

He used Rollup Helper recently to help one of his clients overcome a challenge, and didn’t even consider another solution based on his previous positive experiences with the app. 

“My client wanted an easy way to trigger approval processes based on discount thresholds, but they needed to do it by product family. For example, if the maximum discount on any opportunity product in the warranty family is greater than 40%, then an approval process will be triggered,” George said.

Rolling up the Max Discount Percentage with Rollup Helper

“So I created “Max discount on X family” with Rollup Helper that rolls up the max discount percentage of each product family on the opportunity product Object, right up to the opportunity. Based on this, I am able to trigger approval processes,” added George.

He said that Rollup Helper has simplified his work and saved time. George says, “I don’t want to be writing Apex classes and triggers all the time. Who does?” 

When you can reduce or eliminate the need to write custom Apex code, it gives consultants like George time back in their day, so that they can focus on other initiatives that move their clients' businesses forward.

He concludes, “It’s a huge help! That’s the ultimate result.”

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