Swivl Uses Rollup Helper to Manage Data as They Expand in the Education Tech Space


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Located in Menlo Park, California, Swivl is a distributed team of technologists, educators, and innovators who are committed to improving the education system. With a suite of reflective tools that are used by more than 75k schools worldwide, they are helping educators build skills to adapt to change. 

Swivl’s Reflectivity tool allows teachers to share what they’re working on in real time and take ownership of their growth. “Teachers are energized by sharing and viewing everyone’s progression through dynamic and interactive dashboards,” Swivl’s website explains.

Overcoming Limitations with Collecting Product Data and Custom Filters

As Swivl expanded, rolling up data daily became more time-consuming. They found that using Rollup Helper’s added targeted rollup functionality helps them manage their data more efficiently. “I can easily collect product data at the Opportunity level, or even at the Account level, etc., and that's cool! The basic tools of Salesforce®, unfortunately, do not provide for this,” said Swivl’s Salesforce Admin, Inna Ilchuk.

For example, they use Rollup Helper to see a list of Opportunity Products purchased on each Account. To see the results on an Account, they simply create a hierarchy rollup. Next, they rollup Products to the Opportunity, then again to Account.

“Rollup Helper is very convenient for collecting data from some objects and displaying them in other objects. It's also cool that we can apply different filters to make the process work more accurately. The main thing is to understand the relationships between objects and the conditions for applying filters,” said Inna.

The Swivl team can easily create custom rollup filters, and they don’t need knowledge of SOQL to create the filters. Inna adds, ”With Rollup Helper’s parent filter functionality, we can target rollups to include only the information we’re interested in.”

Inna concludes, “This solution greatly simplifies the work of the Salesforce Administrator and is easy to use.”


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