Rollup Helper & Lookup Helper Streamline Sales Pipeline for Ashberry Water Conditioning


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Ashberry Water Conditioning is a Florida company that provides commercial water treatment services to businesses, educational facilities, municipalities, and industry. Their mission is to provide customers with quality water needed to run their businesses, increase their profitability, and improve their lives.

Michelle Johnson, who is the Salesforce Admin & Sales Support at Ashberry, was searching for a solution to a problem that they were experiencing in their org and discovered that Passage Technology could help.

Pipeline Congestion: Sales Team Quoting on the Same Project With Multiple Contractors

Ashberry was trying to filter the amount for Opportunities shown. However, multiple Opportunities all shared the same name, which was used for bids on construction projects. Michelle adds, “Our sales team members quote on the same project/job to multiple contractors who are all bidding for the same job, so the pipeline would get inflated.”

New Setting Links Opportunities to a Bid Spec Record & Filtering Quotes

To prevent their Opportunity Pipeline from getting congested, Passage Technology created a new Bid Spec Object, along with a Lookup Helper setting that links all Opportunities for the same bid to a Bid Spec Record. A formula checkbox field marks the Opportunity with the highest amount for that bid spec, and the formula field can be used to only show one Opportunity per job within the pipeline.

“Through Rollup Helper, we were able to filter out duplicate quotes from the sales pipeline, as well as by using a formula to count only the highest quote amount for the same job. Now a simple filter easily updates our sales team members’ pipeline in a matter of seconds vs. one to two hours a week filtering out per record,” said Michelle.

Michelle is thrilled with the results. She said, “Finally, Sales, Manager Dashboards, and their Pipelines are reporting concrete numbers!”

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