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Salesforce Admins, by nature and design, are do-it-all resources for a business. However, their primary responsibility is running the platform holding the data, ideally not generating and owning the actual data. This is best left to the users who are closest to that data, the ones who use, depend on, and know it best.

Therefore, curating high quality data is every Salesforce user’s duty and obligation—whether it is creating new records or updating existing records. Obviously, the Admin should create a plan and lead the charge. They are ultimately responsible for the health of the platform, but they can’t do it alone. There are so many inputs (users) affecting the output (data quality).

“It takes a village to improve Salesforce data quality.” — said no one, nowhere, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Effectiveness of the Salesforce Platform Depends on High Quality Data

When a company decides to invest in using the Salesforce platform, it wants to maximize its return on investment (ROI). But if the collected and retained data suffers from poor quality, the investment is doomed. Enterprises must carefully plan and execute how they will derive value from the data within Salesforce—because it affects so many functions and users across the business:

So clearly an all-of-company effort is needed to improve data quality because all of the company is affected. Users must buy into the plan, and Admins must help users reach their goals for not only higher quality data, but the resulting gains in their productivity as well.

Data Quality Helper App Is Designed for All Stakeholders

Free Salesforce-native app, Data Quality Helper from Passage Technology, can help develop an entirely new process for elevating the quality of company data. The app helps to clean existing data and sets the parameters for better quality new data coming into the platform. The app is exactly what Admins and users need.

Automating improved data quality and enlisting empowered users to maintain data quality streamlines Admin responsibilities and generates buy-in across the platform. Admins, the platform experts, have much greater control, flexibility, and customization over data guidelines than under default Salesforce functionality, which is limited and not customizable. Users, the data experts, are empowered with easy-to-use tools for data improvement that exceed default Salesforce options for resolving data problems.

The app works in two primary ways:

  • Enhanced Validation Rules — Admins can customize special data validation rules for creating or updating records. This allows implementation of more uniform processes to get better quality data. Admins determine each rule’s triggering criteria, whether it runs before or after a save, or prevents or allows a save. Then, users see Admin-customized warnings when data rules are not followed. Even better, users are empowered to properly create or update the records based on the Admin-approved guidelines. Learn more >
  • Duplicate Data Identification and Resolution — Easily identify, eliminate, and/or merge duplicate records, so users avoid confusion and errors. Admins are given greater customization options for detecting the problem of duplicates, adjusting sensitivity matching and triggering criteria to find duplicates. Users are instructed to pick and merge the correct data from any of the duplicates into one better quality record.  Learn more >

The app also has a Lightning Web Component that can be set up to provide an org-wide view of all identified data issues that may need fixing. The app is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

For users, their productivity and livelihood are imperiled by bad data (so is the entire business itself). It’s difficult to get the job done well if users don’t have the right information at hand.  How much longer are you willing to let the problem of poor data quality go unaddressed? Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Work with your Admins and deploy the right solution. Learn more about Data Quality Helper or schedule a demo/consult today.

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