How often does Lookup Helper run?

The application only runs for all records when you manually run it. The more records you have, the longer it will take to run, however, you can create realtime triggers through the application. This means whenever you create, or update a child record the Lookup Helper setting will run just for that record (keeping everything up to date after the first run). With the realtime functionality it is way more efficient.

Do you offer any discounts for the Premium Edition?

We offer a 30% discount for nonprofits.

Are there any limits to be concerned of?

The maximum number of relationship fields per object allowed by Salesforce is 40.

Is Lookup Helper compatible with Group Edition (GE) / Professional Edition (PE)?

Please click here to view current Salesforce limitations. If you have specific questions on how these limits may affect your usage of our applications in Professional Edition or Group Edition, please contact us.

WHAT VERSION OF SALESFORCE DO YOU SUPPORT? How does your licensing work?

We support the Group Edition of Salesforce on up through Unlimited Edition, this includes any special editions. You only need your admin license to use the app, but the app's data processing capability and data will be available to all your users. No need to install any other software to upgrade your edition of Lookup Helper. Just purchase the license from the license request form and we can activate on the back-end.

Is this a native Salesforce app? Is my data stored or processed anywhere else? do you have access to our data?

 Yes, Lookup Helper is a native Salesforce app. Your data is not stored or processed anywhere else but in the Salesforce cloud / your org. We do not have access to your data unless you explicitly grant us login for troubleshooting purposes. In such cases, you can control how long we have access for and remove access at any time.

Where can I view my list of deployed triggers?

Deployed triggers can be viewed under the “Enable Real Time” tab even if the setting has been deleted

What is your release process?

Our release process is documented here.

Can Lookup Helper be installed in testing environments?

Yes, it is a good idea to install Lookup Helper first in a testing (sandbox) environment to confirm Lookup Helper can help with your particular use case.