What is the difference between Milestones PM+ and Milestones PM? Does Passage Technology own Milestones PM?

No. Milestones PM is an unmanaged package owned by Salesforce Labs. Milestones PM+, by Passage Technology, is a managed package on the Salesforce AppExchange. Because we are keeping the code up to date, you don’t have to worry about new Salesforce releases or other changes in your org ‘breaking’ the code.

What's in Milestones PM+ that a developer can't easily build?

Passage Technology has designed and implemented feature enhancements for Milestones PM+, vetted by hundreds of customers who use the app daily, that aren't available in Milestones PM. Our certified development team has worked extensively to provide a Salesforce project management app for the standard Salesforce user, for any project type and size.

  • Milestones PM+ is 100% Salesforce native project management.

  • Milestones PM+ works with any project schedule method. Managing project calendars can be difficult when dates are constantly changed and dependencies are involved. Automating such functionality is no easy task but our experienced Salesforce developers have mastered project schedule management across our client base.


    As the team behind Salesforce app Rollup Helper, Milestones PM+ includes date rollups to ensure quick, accurate updates and data alignment when shifting dates, reducing errors and improving productivity. For complex schedule methods, Milestones PM+ has various settings for date shifting including weekend/weekday support and predecessor-to-successor.

  • Create Projects anywhere in Salesforce with Milestones PM+.

    • Create Projects from Salesforce records. Save time by easily creating new projects with the click of a button* or using a template with no code required.

    • Create Projects from templates. Deliver consistent projects with Milestones PM+ by importing an external template file or exporting an existing Milestones PM+ Project. Advanced Project Template* functionality exports and imports customizations including custom fields to project templates.

* Functionality available with Milestones PM+ Premium Edition.

Milestones PM+ Premium Edition Features

How easy is it to customize Milestones PM+?

Very easy! Just like any other Salesforce app or cloud, Milestones PM+ customizations include:

  • Change button labels & tab names.

  • Easily add custom fields of any kind, edit page layouts, create custom reports and dashboards, and write your own classes and triggers.

  • Create your own process builders, flows, workflow, approval process, validation rules.

  • Create custom objects and link them to our custom managed objects, and link standard Salesforce objects to our objects.

The only thing you can’t do is see or edit our code, but we are always available to help you if any of those changes need to be made.

Is Milestones PM+ as customizable as Milestones PM?

Most any behavior can be implemented. If there are any behaviors that you need to change in our base classes, we can work with your developers to identify if the default behavior can change or if a custom setting can be implemented so that an alternative behavior can work for your org while not affecting our other customers. Since Milestones PM+ is a managed package, the classes and triggers in the package are not editable in the installation org but we can make these changes upon request.

Why would I purchase Milestones PM+ if my developer can build the functionality in Milestones PM?

Time is money, and you should not underestimate the amount of time that must be dedicated internally to create a homegrown project management system. Apps like Microsoft Project and Milestones PM+ have taken years of development and if you do go down this path, you will certainly be faced with high developer labor charges and lost time that could have gone towards working on other projects.

Additionally, with Milestones PM+ our developers are proactively keeping the package up to date to be compatible with Salesforce releases. This means a more stable, reliable application for our users. Customer satisfaction is Passage Technology’s top priority, and we are always available for any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

It is also important to note that we are a premier Salesforce consulting company. One of our clients recently made a switch to Passage Technology for development after another consulting company spent nearly a year trying to implement Milestones PM and did not get close to the functionality Milestones PM+ provides. One of their dev's came across Milestones PM+ and they were impressed with what we already had out of the box.

Milestones PM and Milestones PM+ Comparison Chart

Project Feature Milestones PM Milestones PM+
Basic Support & Documentation No Yes
Create Projects Automatically No Yes
Create Projects From Template No Yes
Advanced Scheduling** No Yes
Program Management*** No Yes
Supports Professional Edition No Yes
Time Entry on Any Object No Yes
One Page Project Plan Edit No Yes ($)
Printable, Shareable, and Advanced Gantt No Yes ($)
Salesforce Event Sync No Yes ($)
Salesforce Task Sync No Yes ($)
Resource Assignment Solution No Yes ($)
Email Sending Templates No Yes ($)
Alerts/Notifications No Yes ($)
Project Creation Button No Yes ($)
Advanced Project Templates No Yes ($)

$ - Available in Milestones PM+ Premium Edition only

** Advanced scheduling includes the ability to schedule around weekend days, automatically push out or reschedule a project, cascade update successor milestones and their tasks, automatically update start and finish dates when closing out tasks, track actual durations and has built-in project date rollups.

*** Includes Program level Gantt chart.

Please click here to view current Salesforce limitations. If you have specific questions on how these limits may affect your usage of our applications in Professional, Essentials, or Group Edition, please contact us.

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