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Dear PT, 

We need to better aggregate our data so various business functions can create insights. On a number of Objects, we need a way to easily rollup records scattered across numerous child, parent, and grand-parent hierarchies—for example, Accounts. However, our company has limited developer resources internally. So when we need a solution, we have to pay for outsourcing. This can be expensive, but often it is more expensive to not obtain that solution, in terms of productivity and competitiveness. Are there other options to coding?

Rhee Layshuns in Progress, PA

Dear Rhee,

This is certainly a difficulty with out-of-the-box Salesforce®. The usual answer, as you note, is coding—expensive, time-consuming, maintenance-required, easily breakable coding. This is one of the driving factors behind the development of the app Rollup Helper. You can create these relationships and get a grand total result for any Object and its records.

Learn more about hierarchy rollups, such as the Number of Contacts Under Account. This example can be applied to a number of other similar rollup situations.




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