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Dear PT, 

With all of the Accounts our company manages, there is usually a point of contact who is the primary go-to person for the relationship. However, sometimes we engage a different (or wrong) Contact, bypassing the key point person. This happens with both human interactions and automated solutions. It may lead to confusion, miscommunication, and missed opportunities for all involved. How can we better address these situations?

M. Istor-Wright from The Keys, FL

Dear M,

Clearly, it's vital to make sure the lines of communication are open with the correct person or role in an Account. And different functions may need different primary contacts. Luckily, with a few simple moves using Rollup Helper, you can create fields identifying people and their contact information—no searching, no bad data entry, no problem.

Learn how to create Contact Lookup Rollups, whether you use contact picklists or checkboxes. This easy solution can also be incorporated in automated workflows, process builders, and flows, to further enhance customer relationship management.




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