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Ask PT About Using Formulas in Rollup Summaries in Salesforce


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Dear PT, 

At our company, we are having trouble seeing the number of open Projects with an Account or Opportunity. Can you help? Salesforce’s native rollup summary fields can’t be used with certain formulas, specifically formula fields with date functions. Hence, we can’t create the list of open projects as of today (or any other date).

Asov Toodae from Worksop, UK

Dear Asov,

Yes, rollup summary fields can only use static criteria. As it turns out, this was one of the many Salesforce rollup limitations that initially inspired the creation of Rollup Helper nearly a decade ago. (Rest assured, Rollup Helper does much more than solve this problem.)

Yours is a very specific problem, but there are many other use cases that are similarly complicated by this huge limitation—Rollup Helper's ability to roll up information using date-based criteria could also be used for those other situations.

But to answer your question, follow these steps to create the number of open Projects on Opportunity.




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