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How to Transform your Salesforce Environment into a Project Execution Platform

Wow. Did you know that one in six IT projects have a cost overrun of 200%? Since project management touches almost every aspect of how organizations achieve their goals, it can have a big impact on costs.

What causes IT projects to experience cost overruns? When internal technology teams implement new business processes or integrate systems, sometimes they don’t have the tools they need to document their work and stay on track in terms of budgeting, scheduling, and transferring knowledge.

Whether a technology project involves Salesforce® project management or mobile app development project management, each project needs to have milestones and tasks within them that need to be completed and tracked. The project management app Milestones PM+ can help IT project managers:

  • Integrate historical data and systems
  • Manage feature requests and usability testing plans 
  • Track onboarding and user adoption

Uniti Fiber is the fiber infrastructure segment of Uniti, a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). As a result of expansion, their Systems Operations team was balancing the challenge of handling an influx of feature requests from all departments while integrating new companies with multiple other systems. They had also tripled their number of Salesforce users in just three years to 600 and were in the process of converting to Lightning in their Salesforce org.

Understanding costs is key when you build out fiber optics, and Milestones PM+ helped Uniti Fiber track and aggregate costs for management. They also used Rollup Helper to aggregate dollar amounts, which helped them track costs from multiple departments and understand the monthly recurring cost savings. Read more about how Uniti Fiber leveraged Passage Technology's apps and development services for their expansion.

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100% Salesforce-native and free to download on the AppExchange, Milestones PM+ works with all Salesforce clouds (Professional and up) for any industry. 

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