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When there are almost 3,000 consulting partners for Salesforce on the AppExchange, it might seem like it's harder to narrow down which one is right for you than snagging front row tickets to the Eras Tour. Not to worry! Here is a list of questions and qualifications to find a consultant that matches your project needs best. With these tips, you'll be placed at the front of the pre-sale line. (If you're looking for information about Salesforce implementations rather than custom development, check out this blog instead.) 

Credentials, Testimonials and Reviews

The AppExchange makes it easy for you to see what Salesforce credentials a consulting partner has. You can find this information under the "Expertise" tab on an AppExchange Consulting listing. While having a high number of credentials is impressive, understanding the breakdown of these credentials can provide clarity on whether they align with the requirements of your project. 

PT Certifications

Credentials make a company sound good on paper but you also need to check if previous customers agree. Find testimonials or reviews that back up a consultant's claims on the AppExchange, G2, or their website. Also leverage your personal network. Talk with your Account Executive at Salesforce to see who they recommend, or ask peers in the Salesforce community you trust to see who they've worked with in the past. Hearing firsthand experiences from others can provide insights into the consultant's track record and reputation. 

Experts in Your Cloud, Industry, Project Type, Etc.

You've found a partner with the right credentials and raving reviews, but do they specifically showcase projects similar to yours? With so many Salesforce Clouds and user types, it's easy for consultants to specialize in a certain niche. Maybe you would rather a consultant who only works with Salesforce day-in and day-out. Or, if you're looking to integrate Salesforce with other software, a large firm where Salesforce consultants are just one division may be a better approach. 

However, it's important to note that your development partner doesn't necessarily have to exclusively work within the same Cloud/industry/project as yours, but they should demonstrate your project won't be their first rodeo.

You can more easily narrow down partners with the experience and expertise you want by taking the short quiz on

Partner Finder Quiz

Easy to Communicate With

You've confirmed that hard skills are checked and qualified, now onto soft skills. Are they quick to respond? Are there delays in communication because of time zone differences? Are they making you talk to a bunch of different people and jump through hoops?

It's crucial to consider these factors because how a consultant handles the sales process can be indicative of how they will manage your project or address issues in the future.

Also, see what kinds of responses they give you. Do they ask thoughtful questions to understand your requirements better? A great developer goes beyond just taking orders; they ask insightful questions to truly understand your needs and goals. A skilled consultant will not only make your existing processes more efficient, but also offer innovative ideas to enhance your project vision.

Timelines and Budgets

Finally, ask the top, potential partners for a quote. See their availability to start working on your project, how long they estimate the project taking, and if they're affordable for you. Double check if things like support are included in the price, or if that's a separate line item. Understanding these details upfront will help you make an informed decision and ensure a project is set up for success from the start.


Have a project you want to talk about? We've been Salesforce partners for over 15 years. Sign up for a free consultation to discuss your project. Some of our client examples include cloud implementations, integrations to other software, and custom processes.

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