Custom Process Management Solution for Pharmaceutical Company


Pharmaceutical Company customer story imageChallenge: Pharmaceutical Company Needed a Solution for a New Business Process

A global research-focused pharmaceutical company needed a solution that would help them create a new business process from two older systems as well as their accounting system.

Solution: Integration That Included Validation Rules, Approval Processes & Formula Fields

To achieve this, Passage Technology developed a solution that built upon their AppExchange products, Milestones PM+ and Rollup Helper, and utilized the services of their Development Services team.

“We created an integration for their financials that included invoices with separation between internal and external expenses,” explains Brent Gossett, Executive Director from Passage Technology.

The integration involved complex validation rules, approval processes, and formula fields. For example, the solution contains a complex accounting system with capabilities to account for write-offs and billing rollover from year to year.

Rollup Helper, Passage Technology’s data aggregation tool for Salesforce, allows the team to get real-time information while spending less time tracking down data with unnecessary reports. It makes creating rollup summaries in Salesforce® simple – and fast.

Passage Technology also built a custom report to show and track prior year financials as a whole.

Results: Improved Efficiency & Real-Time Data

The solution also included using Milestones PM+, Passage Technology’s cross-industry, project/process management solution, which is 100%-native to Salesforce. Now, the team has immediate 360-degree visibility to their programs, projects, milestones, tasks, time, risks, and issues — right from their CRM.

Jerry summarizes, “It was exciting to see a project of this magnitude executed by our Development Services team. The success of the project exposes the benefits of working with a Salesforce SI that not only has the engineering talent, but also has the products already built and tested to work in the Salesforce ecosystem.

“From our experience, when other partners try to roll their own Salesforce product add-ons — or get involved in extensive and costly product development — they learn that this was the much more difficult and risky path to a scalable and reliable solution. That’s why Passage Technology offers a hybrid approach where you can get feature-richness, stability, and the ability to perform all in one project.”

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