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This issue features the latest company news and app updates!

Spring Data Cleanup: Validate, Connect & Organize

There’s a renewed energy that comes with Spring—suddenly everything seems brighter and full of possibilities. 

In the spirit of the season, this issue features updates from Lookup Helper and Data Quality Helper—apps that can help you clean, connect, organize, and validate data—opening the door to a clearer view of your data.

Happiest Spring! 

Organizations Are Losing Up to $1.3 Million Yearly Due to Inefficient Tasks 

Hamonizing Data image

According to a CIO Dive article, “Some organizations are losing up to $1.3 million a year due to inefficient tasks weighing employees down.” See how Salesforce® apps can transform billing processes, delivering real-time data and automating workflows. Read more: Repetitive, Inefficient Tasks Are Costing Organizations Millions.

Issues with Preparing Data Are Preventing Organizations from Getting Accurate, Actionable Information from AI

Like music, your data also needs to be arranged and organized in order to work together harmoniously. Read more: Harmonizing Data to Get a Single, Unified View of Customers.


App News & Updates

Check out Data Quality Helper’s HUGE Update!

We want to make managing duplicate records as easy as possible, so we made a number of improvements and added some functionality for you. When users are merging duplicate records, they can now view a side-by-side comparison of duplicate records with the selected master record. Users can also track records that have been merged previously, as well as select all duplicate records to simplify the merge process. 

There’s a new tab that displays all Data Quality Issues, including previously ignored warnings. Admins also have the ability to remove all ignored warnings for a given Data Quality Helper rule. 

Now users can create dynamic form criteria to show or hide fields when the defined criteria are or are not met. For example, Admins can hide fields that contain sensitive information from Users based on their permitted level of access. 

We added a new Help Guide that can be accessed from a button on the homepage. The guide covers frequently asked questions and provides instructions for how to do things like overwriting the edit button. To see the full list of updates go to Data Quality Helper Release Notes v1.62. Check out the images below that highlight some of these features.

The new tab that displays all Data Quality Issues, including previously ignored warnings is shown below.

DQH Quality issues image for newsletter

Shown below is the new Help Guide, which covers frequently asked questions and provides how-to instructions.

DQH Helper Guide image


About Data Quality Helper

With Data Quality Helper, Salesforce users are notified when bad data is entered based on criteria chosen by Admins. This ensures users are entering or updating complete, correct, and non-duplicative data. Hard or soft Customizable Data Validation Rules empower you to create reminders and warnings for users, which are displayed when an Admin’s set of criteria is met.

Ready, Set, Deploy! Pre-Built Lookup Helper Settings for Use Cases!

New functionality features the ability to Deploy Pre-Built Lookup Helper Settings, which solve a variety of use cases like Relating Leads and Campaigns or Assigning Leads to Accounts. Having the ability to deploy use cases within the app is a big time-saver! 

We also added usability improvements. For example, when running a Lookup Helper Setting manually, the run modal will now display an estimated run time. You also have the ability to sort and/or apply an offset to matching parent records via the parent filter modal. For the full listing of updates, go to Lookup Helper Release Notes v10.18.

The new Deploy Pre-Built Lookups Setting is shown below.

Lookup Helper Deploy Pre-Built Settings image

To display Products on an Account Page, just select "Deploy" to begin the automatic deployment process. This pre-built setting will be deployed after only a few more clicks. See the image below.

Lookup Helper screenshot

About Lookup Helper

Lookup Helper gives you better visibility and insights to your Salesforce data by automatically relating records. For standard and custom objects, it allows you to organize your data by geographic location, time-frame, industry, or any other data category.

Featured Customer Success Story 

Grifols logoRollup Helper & Lookup Helper Extend Salesforce & Reduce Costs for Grifols USA

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Customer Testimonial

“I have used Rollup Helper for years. Created hundreds of rollups. The app works great. Inevitably, you run into questions about how you set up your filters and other configurations. Passage Technology use case website is super helpful, and their support team is so responsive every time I have a question. They will go above and beyond what I expected to answer the question and make the solution I need usable for me. Sometimes they do it in real time too. Rollup Helper is a homerun, if you are considering it, you won't be disappointed.”

-Jared Cardinal, Salesforce Admin, Specialty Networks

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