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A New Support Option for Our Customers

A recent Harvard Business Review study reports 62% of customers think having knowledgeable employees is the third most important aspect needed for a company to provide good customer service.


The study also reports that 65% of customers expect their issue to be resolved during their first contact with customer support. Half of consumers said they will wait no more than one week for an answer to their question before they move on and take their business elsewhere.

At Passage Technology, we put customers at the center of everything we do. To provide more support options, we developed a Knowledge Base, so you can find the information that you need, when you need it. 

With more access to self-service, Operations Manager Jacob Blair explains, “Passage Technology’s Knowledge Base is available for anyone viewing our website, providing self-help information that would normally only be provided by support. Customers will now be able to get answers to technical questions that previously they would have to email us to receive the information.” 

Having centralized knowledge in one location makes information easier to find, allows our support team to answer questions faster, resolve calls quickly, and handle more complex inquiries. Our goal is to improve your experience with Passage Technology. 

Currently there are 327 articles in the Knowledge Base. You can also leave a thumbs up or thumbs down on an article, which will help our team continuously improve. To view the articles or quickly find answers to your questions, go to Knowledge Base.



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