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In the racing movie "Talladega Nights," Ricky Bobby (played by Will Ferrell) says, “If you're not first, you’re last.” 

McKinsey’s survey finds that organizational speed is essential for companies to achieve outperformance during periods of unprecedented change. In their article about the survey, The need for speed in the post-COVID-19 era—and how to achieve it, they discuss how 72% of organizations outperform their industry peers on innovation.

“By contrast, just 15 percent of slower organizations do the same, according to our research. Companies that act fast do so because of their adept use of technology and tactics such as a sharper focus on customers, swift decision making, and frequent and transparent communication. They score better than their competitors not only on speed of innovation but also on a host of other measures, including growth, operational resiliency, and financial performance,” explains the article.

Streamline and Accelerate

Sometimes organizations discover that gaps in Salesforce can slow them down, and they need solutions to overcome obstacles. For example, SquadLocker needed a way to keep their sales team updated with their accounts and revenue activity. “Since standard Salesforce didn’t allow for more complex formulas, Rollup Helper was critical to accomplishing the transparency we wanted to offer our SFDC users without the complexity of the financial systems,” said SquadLocker’s Rev/Ops Director Nellie Tillinghast.

SquadLocker also had a custom new object (Sales Line), which they had challenges with associating quickly and efficiently with their current account object. Since Lookup Helper works with standard and custom objects, it allowed SquadLocker to display related records in Salesforce. Nellie said, “Lookup Helper facilitates the ‘relationship’ build so that records show up easily and without human intervention.”

Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper have simplified her work and saved time. Now that SquadLocker’s sales team no longer needs to request reports, they are informed and able to prioritize their workload more efficiently—with data at their fingertips and on-demand. Read the full story: Rollup Helper & Lookup Helper Give SquadLocker’s Sales Team Data On-demand.

In another example, CRM Consultant Rare Karma was hired by a client who had been using Apex code to get around Salesforce limitations. The challenge was that Rare Karma had to find another way to get around these limitations without code. 

The client needed to search and filter results, as well as reference values and use formulas to set field values. “There were a lot of fields that required a Rollup Summary of information from Child Accounts to Parent Accounts. Unfortunately, the standard Salesforce custom fields just weren't getting the job done. I spent quite a lot of time doing research regarding various possibilities,” explained Rare Karma Software Developer, Alicia Muth.

After Rare Karma had successfully used Rollup Helper for Child Accounts and Parent Accounts, they decided to explore using Lookup Helper. Their team needed a way to relate two Custom Objects that are related to an Account, but they couldn't find a way to do it without code.

“I realized that I needed a complex lookup field, and when the standard Salesforce custom fields weren't of help, I decided Lookup Helper would be worth a shot. The matching needed to be done based on the Record Type, Account, as well as Month/Year,” said Rare Karma Software Developer, Alicia Muth.

The Rare Karma team had tried using Flows, Lookup Fields, and Master-Detail Relationships, but none of these solutions fit their needs. Alicia adds, “It was difficult because of the multiple variables. It seemed we might have to do things manually or return to code.”

“After a demo, Passage Technology’s Operations Manager Jacob Blair gave me a perfect solution to the issue we were facing. He helped me create a matching__c field on both Objects that was a formula field: “Account : Month/Year : RecordType,” explained Alicia.

“From here, we could use Lookup Helper to create the relationship, and then Rollup Helper to place a sum of the appropriate values on our Custom Object. It was super easy and worked like a charm! We set it to run, and then allowed Realtime Enablement. Now we can focus on other things while this just does the job in the background!” said Alicia. Read the full story: Rollup Helper & Lookup Helper Empower Rare Karma to Achieve Goals Without Code.

To stay ahead, sometimes what you need is more than one solution—it can be a combination of solutions that are needed to accomplish your goals. Contact Us to learn more about how our apps can help you outpace your competition.


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