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Dear PT, 

Managing data and data hygiene in Salesforce® is a constant struggle at our company. Sometimes, incomplete data can be as damaging as bad data. With different people doing the data entry, it can be difficult to make sure the information is complete every time. For example, Opportunities may not have the key roles for the Contacts properly documented. Is there any easy way to identify and fix these data gaps?

Val I. Dayshon from Roll, AZ

Dear Val,

As a matter of fact, Rollup Helper and Data Quality Helper apps can help with this data challenge. 

In a few simple steps with Rollup Helper, the presence of Contact Roles for Opportunities can be confirmed and the number aggregated in a field. And for those Opportunities missing this information, a list view can be created so the Opportunity owners can circle back and add this information. Check out how to create a role validation rollup step by step.

Data Quality Helper can focus on resolution for each individual record missing Contact Roles. Through hard or soft validation rules, each Opportunity without Contact Roles that is created/edited/viewed will have an attached warning message with information for users on how to proceed, per Admin-established instructions. Alternatively, all Opportunities without Contact Roles can be viewed on a home page component with direct links for resolution. Check out some of the many use cases for elevating data quality.

Also, both apps can run in real-time, so this issue can be quickly identified and no backlogs of data cleanup are created.




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