Passage Technology’s Apps Can Help You Plan and Execute Your Reopening



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Coupled with resources from Salesforce, Passage Technology’s apps can make reopening your business easier.

Moving Forward Safely

As COVID-19 cases decrease in communities and businesses begin the process of reopening, they’re facing a new set of challenges. Some companies will continue with full-time remote work and partial on-site work options for their staff. Others will bring their staff back with staggered shifts in the office. Each of these scenarios can add new layers of complexity to project management and decision-making.

The US Chamber’s publication, A Guide to Reopening Your Business, emphasizes the importance of the reopening process. “The businesses that will survive and thrive are the ones that can be flexible and adaptable to consumers' new and evolving needs. You'll need to plan carefully and understand not only what may need to change about your business, but what new growth opportunities may exist for you in a post-pandemic world,” explains the guide.

As businesses pivot and make their reopening plans, their operations, purchasing, and human resource teams will be looking at office space needs/designs, rehiring employees, remote work productivity stats, supply needs, developing systems for social distancing, and making changes to deliveries.

Passage Technology’s apps can make the data analysis, decision making and project management involved with reopening your business easier.

Reopening Project Management Plans

As you implement your reopening plan, the cross-industry, project and process management solution, Milestones PM+, can help keep teams on the same page. Milestones PM+ allows you to easily create projects from the ground up and ensure consistent project execution.

To help you get started, below is a Milestones PM+ Project Template for returning to work that manages details like call forwarding, meetings and internal communications for the transition between home and office.

Reopening with free Salesforce project management app Milestones PM+

Milestones PM+ is a customizable, 100% Salesforce-native app.

Prioritization Helper – With Prioritization Helper, managers can make quick, group decisions about reopening from their home offices with Pairwise Comparisons. This enables their teams to easily prioritize their objectives so they’re on the same page about what to tackle first.

Reopening Data Management Apps

Another crucial part of reopening plans is data. Passage Technology offers a range of Salesforce apps and Development Services that can help you rollup, analyze, manage and customize your reopening data and reports:

Rollup Helper – Rollup Helper can help you build reports and trigger intelligent data-driven workflows. You can turn the data into information for rollup scenarios while your data stays safe and secure in your org. It can help with organizing and streamlining information like complex schedules for multiple rolling start times, data from health checks, or keeping track of PPE inventory from various locations.

Development Services – Passage Technology offers custom Salesforce solutions and Salesforce consulting services including Development Services Packs. We can help set up new business processes that facilitate remote work or a combination remote and on-site work, as well as integrate with new systems in place.

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